16. Sep, 2014

My 1st Mobile Phone

If I could reconcile
The friendship with my first mobile
Nine inches long three pound in weight
My chunky mobile trusted mate
It charged all night it took that long
The time to use to prolong
It lasted an hour, an hour at best
But its technology and one had to keep abreast
An antenna to pull to increase the range
To some obscure BT exchange
The connection was lost more times than gained
Regardless which direction the antenna was aimed
The menu was basic you couldn’t text
It certainly wasn’t what you would called perplexed
The memory was there, five numbers where held
Hands free wasn’t there only handheld
Internet connection, what was that
Its only function was to have a chat
One choice of ring tone, no catchy tune
All I can say at the time opportune
No Sim card, no memory, in fact f**k all
It fact it was hard to find someone to call

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013