2. Mar, 2016


The stillness of the air , the fresh bite
Freezing temperatures during the night
Wrapped up warm to face the cold
The sun so low bright and bold

The crispy crunch under your feet
The stinging of the windy sleet
The landscape rolling , a sheet so white
A thousand words could not write

A bitter cold covering my face
As the snow falls like fragments of lace
The pavement decked like diamonds uncut
Shaped and Set my the chilled wind glut

Crystals hanging like drapes on the walls
The bright lights from the Christmas stalls
A warming mug for hot mulled wine
Warms the shivers down my spine

The slush, the wet, the bright car light
Pressing on in the wintery night
The coldness in the air catching your breath
Feeling only the warmth of warmed up death

How good it feels to be inside
All the comfort it can provide
Warmed by the fire , the lights on the tree
Get the kettle on ASAP

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013