7. Feb, 2017

Autumn Leaves

As I walk through trees on this blustery day
A flatten track to lead the way
The golden leaves they slowly fall
From the trees that grow so tall

As the foliage rests on the forest bed
A carpet of colours as they spread
Kicking up the leaves, missing my stride
So beautiful for something that died

The naked Branches looking so sad
They seem to be crying at the loss that they had
Slowly swaying in the swirling breeze
Reaching out for their falling leaves

All the robust colours, the orange, the Scarlet
Covering the ground like a woven blanket
Could I see a more beautiful sight?
As it glistens in the autumn light

My mind is at peace, a smile on my face
As I settle down by the fireplace
It’s cosy and warm, restful and snug
My hands wrapped round a warming mug

I gaze out of the window, as the curtains are drawn
So dark now, so long until dawn
Sometimes it feels so good to feel okay
To know the beauty is there for another day

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013