7. Feb, 2017

The Pond

I sit quietly on the wooden park bench
Finding it hard my backside to wrench
The colourful leaves swaying so gentile
Contemplating the way I feel

My attention is draw to the rippled pond
As the resident duck moves to abscond
A scene of tranquilly a peaceful place
The ripples subsides the pond like lace

The tallest trees standing majestic and proud
Casting their shadow where the Sun has allowed
The blossom of the brushes reaching for light
The kestrels above in full flight

The myrtle grass standing so tall
Surrounding the pond like a protective wall
A man made pond I would wager
Beautified by Mother Nature

I sit and watch my mind is so calm
Feeling free from stress and harm
A place so nice, peace in my mind
As my head turns to see the office behind

Oh well never mind it’s a decent perk
But now it’s time to get to work

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013