7. Feb, 2017

The Sun

The glittering light as it caresses the waves
A beautiful sight my eyesight craves
As the rising dawn, reddens the skies
A wondrous sight before my eyes

The clouds take on a different look
As the streaks of rays hit every nook
The pale pinks, the crimson red
How beautiful is this lovely spread

The clouds flow like a silken veil
So strong and yet they look so frail
The sun so red, on the horizon curve
As If resting, its energy to preserve

Then slowly rising into the sky
The redness then begins to die
The yellowish becomes more aware
As I raise my hand to beat the glare

The clouds now gone, a pure blue sky
The sun so bright and so very high
The shadows cast so long and slim
As the Sun descends, a sky so dim

A wondrous sunset to end the day
Like a classical end to a classic Ballet

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013