16. Sep, 2014

Blind Date

It was through a friend I found a date
I decided yes after a great debate
We arranged to meet by the station clock
I hoped she was ok , and I wasn’t in for a shock

At 7:45 I was standing with my flowers
It was only minutes but it seemed like hours
Then out of the crowd came a woman in white
At first I thought she looked alright

She came up to me and we said hello
I’d booked a table at a nice bistro
As we walked along her arm in mine
Taking in the view of the nice coastline

After a while she started to cough
Then she fell over and her leg fell off
Being concerned with much alarm
I reached down to help and pulled off her arm

I stood transfixed as she lay on the ground
Hoping shortly I would be homeward bound
I lent down again , my thoughts in doubt
Tried to help her up and false tits fell out

As they rolled down the bank , I was in dismay
Her body parts were in disarray
My blind date , I started to regret
As she lay there crying , all upset
“don’t you want sex “? I thought what a deflator
“throw it over here and I’ll shag it later “

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013