2. Mar, 2016

What A Life

Off the shelf into the trolley
Pushed between the carrots and cauli
On the belt and codes to swipe
Next to bananas all over ripe

Push in the bag , throw in the boot
Next to the veg and all the fruit
Thrown in the ice box , squashed to hell
How long in here , no one can tell

Pull for the depths and chopped for the pot
Tossed in the pan , water all hot
Boiled to depth , drained and dressed
Put on a plate with all the rest

Sliced yet again and shoved in a mouth
Crashed by the teeth then swallowed down south
Attacked by bacteria, acid as well
Grounded to a pulp, then a journey from hell

Hours go by as I wind round the pipe
Rumbling noises as I give him the gripe
Forced through a gap, nearly airtight
Ending my life as a stick of brown shite !!

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013