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16. Aug, 2017

Everyone has a religion of their choice

In their religion, they truly rejoice

Some shout louder you hear their voice

Some utter with tense vocal chords - devoice

Their religions cry out for love and peace

All animosity and hatred decrease

All violence and all fighting to hopefully cease

And make peaceful harmony the centrepiece

If this is true then let me say

Why are some religious people not this way?

For being different the price we pay

The God they worship and betray

If cultures offend and cloud your ideals

Be offended my others and see how it feels

Hidden behind a faith and what it reveals

For the victims of crime there are no appeals

Take a step back and contemplate your fate

When you finally arrive at whatever gate

Don’t assume the cleaning of the slate

The burdens of a misguided Hate 

18. Jul, 2017

Having a accent from the North East can be a disadvantage at times .

Today i was standing at the Checkout at Aldi's in Hessle , Hull . I had 20 bottles of beer on the belt , the woman behind me was admiring my Hoard, i jokingly said 'I'm staying in tonight' she replied 'oh thank you very much and moved ahead of me in the checkout queue ....??????

17. Jul, 2017

The old demolished and the new erected , it took a while and a lot ot sweat but i got there in the end Cool

29. Jun, 2017

All disciplines  are being sort after by On Line Design and Engineering .

31. Dec, 2016

AN AUTHOR and poet from Habrough has planned to release his third book.

Graeme Taylor of Station Road, Habrough, said he was once told he wouldn't amount to anything, but added: "I'm not doing bad am I?"


The writer said: "I have a wonderful family, a good job and I am writing my third book."

His poetry book, My Poetry: What I Wrote, features a large selection of poems that reflect his personality, his family life and his sense of humour.


His poems are a mixture of romance, cheeky humour and emotion surrounding momentous moments in his life.

Writing the poetry book spurred him on to write a thriller called Time Has Past: In Pursuit Of The Ripper.

"I have been writing poems all my life on and off. I have a range of serious poems and fun poems, including rude ones. I had always fancied writing a book so decided to do so. I'd been watching Whitechapel which gave me inspiration to put a twist on the Ripper murders. It took me a while to get going with the idea but then it just flowed. I found writing my first novel really enjoyable," he explained.

Graeme, 61, who is originally from Newcastle, wrote his first novel in 2012. He has seen his book sold on various online retail sites.


He added: "It's a very interesting concept on the Ripper murders. The main character is a retired Army Sergeant who led a quiet life. He then finds himself in a dark era of English history where the Ripper has carried out his murders.

Both his poetry book and novel have received positive reviews which was pushed him into writing a sequel.

"It wasn't stressful writing the book at all. In fact, I was quite upset when I'd finished writing it," he said. "I was very proud of myself because it was something I had always wanted to do and that's another reason why I've decided to write a sequel."Copy link to paste in your message

Graeme has been asked to donate his poems to poetry collections from other poem enthusiasts. His poems have featured in poetry books all over the world. He said: "There's such a mixture there. My poems are inspired by different things that happen in my life – including my grandchildren. Whereas my book was inspired by a TV programme.

"I often think about writing a play but that takes a lot of time. It's something to think about and have in the pipeline though."

Graeme has a website, which like his literature, has a variety of content on board.

His website houses a range of information about himself, his family and other quirky add-on such as 'my thoughts'.

He has extracts from his books, a blog and subject poetry about his granddaughter and funny poetry. I want to engage with people and I want them to see what I am like and where my ideas comes from," he said.

"I am a family man with an odd sense of humour and I enjoy writing. Both poetry and thrillers. Although I was never really interested in writing or English at school, my ideas have seem to come out pen to paper.

"I am proud of my achievements, I am proud of my life and I am so proud of my family and the fact I can include them in my passion makes it even more enjoyable."

So if you're into thrillers or poetry or fancy reading a new book with an impending sequel over the festive period, or if you would like to know more about Graeme and his books, please visit his website: where you will be able to purchase his books and keep up-to-date with any developments and offers.

He has various offers available for customers.

My Poetry: What I Wrote is available to buy on Amazon for £5.99 and Time Has Past for £6.99.