21. Oct, 2014

The Age of the Gentlemen

The Gentleman is slowly disappearing if he has not already gone.

I am currently working in Central London and the lack of Gentlemanly conduct is very prominent to the point of embarrassment. Take the infamous Tube, where has the, “Please take my Seat", phrase disappeared to? It is a joke; instead of offering a seat to a woman the person in question quickly closes his eyes and pretends he does not notice this woman who is left standing near the automatic doors and there is no chance that the woman will get onto the tube train prior this "Gentleman”. God forbid anyone getting on before him.

I know what you are thinking 'Why didn't i not give up my seat' . Well the reason was that i was the man standing next to woman in question and cursing the seated younger generation for not giving up their seat to an elderly gentleman , namely me LOL 


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