8. Sep, 2015

How the Shipyards were

I found this photo on Facebook the originator was a peson called John G O'Brien , I just had to save it and write about it , This Photo is from Swan Hunters Shipyards back in 1964 , Although it was about 6 years before my time at Swan Hunters it shows exactly what is was like even when i started there. We used to sit on a toolbox or anything else we could find to eat on Bait (pack up , Lunch whatever you might call it) . These blokes were lucky they had a fire which was not always the case. There were rats eveywhere the boiler from where you made you Tea / Coffee was a big steel container with rows of taps. The water wasn't the best and i remember a dead rat being found in one of these boilers. Health and Safety was not invented then, the conditions were rough and ready just like the men who worked there. The thing is that we didn't think anything was wrong we accept it as the norm. I was going to mention the toilet facilities , but i thought it best not to .