27. Oct, 2015

The Good Old Days

Back in the good old days I used to come home from Junior School and set the fire going before I woke my old man for his night shift. I always dread waking him because he was always in a bad mood when first woken, I was 8-9 years old at the time.  

Getting up in the morning was the worst thing ever, there was no central heating and the only source of heat was the fire in the living room that was rarely lit first thing. The ice used to form on the inside of the bedroom window, I remember jumping back into bed with my clothes so that I could get dressed under the blankets as it was so cold. Going to the toilet in the middle of the night was  nightmare running down the yard to the outside toilet sitting on a cold wet wooden seat if you needed a number two and wiping your backside with squares of newspaper that were hung on the pipes tied together with a piece of string. On weekends I used to have to clean out the fireplace, set the fire and wash down the tiles in the hearth, then go on errands to the shops before I could go out to play. The Good Old Days