13. Jan, 2016

Foreign AID and EU

i do not even want to try and understand the workings of a government . i am like a lot of people and quite ignorant in these matters , but i do like to think that i see things in a logical way . My argument is that in 2013 , and i presume in the last two years this is the same , the uk spent 11.4 billion pounds in foriegn aid and a similiar amout paid to the European union . my first question is why ? my second question is how can we spend this sort of money than send a pittance to the recent flood victims. We have homeless people , people living in property , old aged pensioners struggling to keep warm , people out of work  , an NHS that is in dyer need for more investment . Need i go on , i don't have a problem with AID we sent out , i do have issues with the facts and that the UK should start its charity work within its borders then sent the excess, if there is any left send to foreign lands