6. Sep, 2016

Europe -Brexit

Back in 1974 , i think it was then , the great British public got a choice to be in the Common Market , we know the result , now we have opened our eyes , well at least some of us have and we have told Europe where to go . I have nothing against europe and i have nothing against Germany who are the power behind the European Community , what i do object to is that a Nation that terrorised the world was then helped to such a degree that it rose to dominate the european part of the world .and then dictate , yes dictate to it's defeators on how we should run our countries .Thank the lord that we are are leaving should a world .The UK suffered financially in the past  but we stood against the tyranny and surivived . We are so grateful for the help of our greatest Allies the Americans , the war would have lasted a lot longer if it wasn't for them . I will say in my conclusion , that Britain , Although suffering in many ways , would never have been ruled , we had the Power in the Sky and the Power in the Sea over the English Channel to protect us,