Cruising – A Day at Sea

9. Feb, 2017


8. Jan, 2015

Cruising – A Day at Sea

A day at sea as Sun rises high
As I look up and see the beautiful blue sky
A buffet breakfast probably the finest you’ve seen
Back to the cabin for the sunlight cream
A quiet spot on the open deck chair.
Taking in the fresh sea air
The Sun’s not reached the Yard Arm, but do we care
Beckon the waiter, he’s just over there
Cocktails are ordered and returned in quick time
Nicely presented with the glass holding Lime.
Laid back and relaxed, enjoying the rest
Looking at people and the way there are dressed.
A salad lunch, around the pool
Supping a cocktail refreshing and cool.
Sunbathing over, now Afternoon Tea
The sight of the cakes, eyes open in glee
A rest and a bath, ready for tonight
Another evening of dining delight,
A show and a walk and few more drinks
A smile on your face as the glass clinks.
I don’t know about you but I’m getting an attack
I think I’ll go and have a midnight snack

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013