8. Jan, 2015


When is the Present I know the future and the past.
How long would you say does the present Last.
I think it is now but that’s a moment ago
Is it still here or gone I’m not sure I know
If it’s now, then that now has gone
So it’s now the past, completely forgone
If it’s now gone, then that’s the past.
If it’s to come then that’s a forecast
I’m here now, just a moment ago
If I’m here now where does now go.
If I live in the past I’m out of touch
If I live for the future I yearn too much
If I live for the present I’m in a conscious state
But where has it gone, is my awareness late
They do say that the “The Moment has passed “
Does present exist or it just goes so fast
“For The Moment “when things are unclear
That Moment has it gone or is it still here
“Not a Moment to spare” there it goes
Spare the moment, future propose
And then there is “The Big Moment has arrived “
The moment has now passed , I think we’re deprived
“There is No time like the present “I here you say
But that’s “all in the past “and there to stay
So I reckon I’m not in the present, nor the past
I’m not in the future, I’m just an outcast

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013