7. Feb, 2017

Memories from my youth

My net on bamboo, my jar on a String
At the boating lake in early spring
Watching the stickleback watching its track
Poised at the lake edge ready to attack
The model yacht’s sailing, catching the wind
Across the ripples the yacht’s they skimmed
The wooden boats, dads struggling with oars
The lake beside the Tynemouth shores
Hunting the rock pools for limpet and crab
Using your stick to give them a jab
Watching for bloodsuckers and slippery seaweed
Mapping our steps before you proceed
Forgetting the tide getting caught on the rocks
Seeing your pathway that the water blocks
Climbing cliffs getting rest on a ledge
Little daredevils living life on the edge
Sneaking into the Prior, past the armed Guard
Playing at soldiers a massive bombard
Walking down the pier for no reason at all
Standing on tiptoes looking over the curved wall
Rocking penny shove machines in the amusement arcade
Running off with the pennies we made
Cheeking the parkie in Northumberland Park
Then running off just for a lack
Making bows and arrows out of Bamboo and string
Hit by an arrow did half f**king sting
Climbing trees, making camps in the woods
Nothing but play, no worldly goods
No sense of time just a time full of glee
Getting told off, late for me tea