9. Jan, 2015


Do others see the world like me
An undesirable corked Chablis
People so far up their own backside
A sort of person I cannot abide

Treating people with contempt
Politeness they could not attempt
Open the door not so much as a thank
They pass you with their faces a blank

Talking away with all the buzz words
I can think of one word a bunch of Nerds

“Ok yeah, I’ll touch base with you “
Wanting to put forward their point of view

“I like to Bring to the table” a big curator
But just standing there like a dummy waiter

“At the end of the day”, what does that mean
Absolutely ridiculous, verbal Latrine

“Push the envelope” please help me God
They need to be put in front of a firing sqaud

“Peel back the onion”, “shoot an email to me”
Utter rubbish, I think we agree

“Functional training” , “think outside the box”
People with heads that resemble limp c**ks

“Moving Forward “, “A clear Goal”
Spoken like a truly bigoted Ar**hole

There are hundreds of these, it worries me so
All said by those that think they are in the know
They need to take a “step back” and “close the loop”
Check the “information highway” or “jump through the hoop”

Years ago a spade was a spade
People talked without a buzzword aid
And wouldn’t you know they could be more “Aligned “
With “Fulfilment Issues” to “Bear in Mind”

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013