13. Jan, 2015


At the end of the day to sit just here
Drinking a pint glass of fine beer
The sides aren’t touched, down it goes
Another one I would not oppose

The life we see thorough this beery mist
Drinking more is hard to resist
It helps people to bed a mate
It changes people’s destiny and fate

It bring joy and it brings sorrow
It brings regret in the tomorrow
It takes away or inhibitions
It fuels or thoughts and ambitions

Nothing is impossible, easy to do
Downside I reckon is trips to the loo

I don’t think is the beer that gives you a head
I always feel great when I climb into bed.
In the morning I feel my mouth has been Clad
I reckon it’s the sleeping that makes you feel bad

So I had this theory stay up all night
And in the morning you will feel alright

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013