2. Feb, 2015

Extract from my Novel Time Has Past

DI Knowles sat across the road in the same café that Peter had been in hours earlier. He had Jones placed up the north end of the street and Finch at the south end. He looked at his watch: 2:55pm. The street was busy, but it did not stop him picking out the man he was looking for – he appeared on the street walking like a man with a mission. Knowles placed his cup in its saucer and picked up his phone; the text he wrote said, ‘GO’. He stood up and made his way to the shop. The two accomplices were also heading in that direction; Knowles indicated to one of them to make their way around to the back of the shop. Knowles opened the door and Peter turned instantly. The shock on his face said it all. He looked around; there was no escape.

‘Come quietly, Peter, the game is up.’

‘You bastard,’ he shouted at the coin dealer as he turned and picked up the chair next to the desk. The chair smashed over the dealer’s head, the dealer’s arm made for little protection, and the chair hitting him rendered him almost unconscious as he fell to the floor. The door opened and Jones came rushing in to see the chair being lifted again and swung at Knowles, fortunately he was swift enough to dodge and ducked down as it flew over his head. It caught Peter off balance as the momentum carried him round twisting his body. Jones took full advantage and leapt onto Peter bringing him down to the ground with ease. The two wrestled on the floor each trying to manoeuvre himself into a more advantageous position. Knowles stood back not really knowing what to. He kicked out at Peter's back when the opportunity arose, but with little effect. Jones managed to pin Peter down and landed several punches to his face, hampered by the arms and elbows of his victim. A knee came up into the groin of Jones and he reeled in agony. The pain grew as Peter’s fist landed on his cheekbone, followed up by a big push that sent him clambering to the floor. The door opened again as Finch entered. Peter’s attention was diverted by the door opening and he never saw the next kick from Knowles coming.