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Jan G. - Funny. The pupils should have known to be more negative, so the right form of the word would have served to fascinate the teacher. 
Graeme Taylor: Bonus comment for being a paid member
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Dee42 - Title / intro is:  Starts off with a steady tune--I dig.

Something to work on is:  awesome poem

My favorite line is:  Cos her boobs are so big she can only fasten eight

This poem made my morning, thank you.
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Katina Keller - I  enjoyed this

My favorite line is:  “My Aunt has a cardy with ten button holes , and she’s irate ! Cos her boobs are so big she can only fasten eight” 

Keep  on  writing!
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Amenda writes - Title / intro is:  This is awesome

Something to work on is:  None

My favorite line is:  I loved every bit of it

Thank you for sharing, this was really enjoyable x
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ronnienu - Title / intro is: nice

My favorite line is: oh dear me what have I done

The title and first line caught my attention. Made it interesting to continue reading. humorous and cute. Made me smile. Good job!
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dan down - I know what your saying seems like you had a drains up exercise, clearing the desk for some blue sky thinking,
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Naba Raj - Nice observation. Gud work.
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sustine17h - 

My favorite line is: "The golden leaves they slowly fall..."
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manleychristo - 

There is summery whimsy about this piece of writing that is quite charming. It is clearly that this one was enjoyable to write, nice.

Thanks for posting
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Lunii - My favorite line is: If I live for the future I yearn too much

I really like how this rhymes. 

I liked it , thanks!
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Rebecca Kroll - So sweet and loving - a beautiful tribute to your granddaughter! You must be so proud! Wonderfully sweet - great job on such a beautiful poem!
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incredible moment
Mike Brindley
fantastic and breathtaking 
I will touch base with you ,,,,,,
Jawahar Gupta
I LOVE the deep flow of your wise words smooth river, 
Each word involves the reader to THINK and Reflect,That is the beauty of your poem, 
I invite you to check my poem.
just right
anonymo magnifico
just write
Meena Somasundaram
Truth is not found at present.
Very Cool
Maria Willhelm
I love the rhythm an flow. It makes me think of what I think of the sheeple I see around me everyday. Great writing.
machel abram
keep writing
Well done
Mohan Pillai
Nice words 



Brilliant and very well written. I like your style and thoughts keep writing
stan brierly
Amazing what one can make out of such things and you have done a good job .
A great use of wordplay
Grayson Boren
An excellent example of how to use the English language to illustrate the passing of time. Fantastic work! Publisher worthy.
great work
Andy Lyle
well written


this is a remarkable excellent poem right from the heart
Niecie Boodah
This is so beautiful and precious
wel done
Troy Kaneer
good rhyme. Personal poems are usually not so well written
Jane Lomas
great rhyming, well written please read my poem please -, "the lost child" I think you might like it